Monday, 26 May 2014

Climbing meet report, Wednesday, 14 May 2014.

Eeeeh, some dry weather, at last. Three people attended at Shepherds Crag, Borrowdale; “Adam” and “Delight Maker” were climbed in fine weather.

Glen Etive Meet Report, 9-11th May 2014

Eight members attended. After an inauspicious start of rain pattering on the hut roof on Saturday morning and hence a relatively late rise, members got out in various groups to do various objectives, amongst occasional light showers, which had the bonus of providing some very vivid rainbows when the sun shone through chinks in the cloud.  Jake and Chris tackled a compact group (rare) of three Corbetts near Loch Ailort, with a lot more descent and re-ascent between peaks than perhaps they had anticipated.  Ross and Jan took on a pair of Grahams near Inchree and, following the guide book, took their choice of “any of the streams through the forest”; unfortunately they chose one of the several streams other than the only one which leads without purgatorial effort up on to the desired ridge.  Sarah, Martin and Johnny went for Ben Starav and its tops but, instead of climbing back up from the distantly outlying top at 918 metres, they opted to descend the West ridge and then had a long hard tramp around the “interminable” loch shore. John bagged a brace of Grahams at the foot of Glencoe, without incident; these gave magnificent views up the Glencoe valley, through the arch of one of the most complete and vivid rainbows he has ever seen.

Sunday; Johnny went directly home with a gammy knee.  Ross, Jan and Sarah climbed the two Grahams which John had climbed the day before. Jake and Chris climbed a Corbett near to Ben Heasgarnich. John went much further North to Struy and got permission to take a car up Glen Strathfarrar to climb a Graham in the pouring rain before heading further Northwards to start climbing the remote, outlying Grahams of the far North, over the next couple of weeks.

Climbing meet report, Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Another meet beset by rain, which prevented play on the crag from even starting.  Members went to Penrith climbing wall instead.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Meet Report, Sunday Walk, 4 May 2012

Speaking too soon and just deserts.

Well, announcing a reminder of the Sunday with prospects of good weather was bound to be risky and so it turned out to be – yet another Sunday walk beset by poor weather. Four stoic members and a guest (including that old guy again) set out from Ennerdale in sizeable precipitation.  The originally planned itinerary was slightly modified to assist your newsletter editor in collecting in some of the controls of the Easter mystery trip, which is now closed.  The route took us up, around the flanks of Crag Fell on what was possibly the old daily access route to work for the miners at the old mine workings around this area.  Then out to the remains of a crashed aeroplane in 50m visibility fog, driving rain and wind which numbed un-gloved hands. Upon working round to the reward cache it was found, disappointingly for all of the effort put in by the course organiser, that not a single reward had been claimed, so the editor generously allowed the entire cache of 35 rewards to be shared between just the five of us – yum, yum, amply providing compensation for the poor weather.  We were happy to leave just a load of raspberries for everyone else.